The RQ50 is a ranking of the most innovative companies in the market. From old-guard sectors, including industrials, oil and gas, and defense to toy makers and some of Silicon Valley's elite, the R&D cultures within the RQ50 companies prove that innovation isn't just about spending big, it's about a relentless long-term focus on R&D that optimizes return on innovation to shareholders.

2017 RQ50 Rankings


The RQ50 are the publicly traded companies spending over $100 million in R&D, whose R&D investment creates the greatest value for their shareholders. This ranking is not a beauty contest based on surveyed opinion.  Rather, it utilizes the RQ measure of R&D productivity in economic models linking R&D investment to revenue growth and market value.

The RQ50 ranking is the first of its kind.  Companies are ranked based on their demonstrated actual ability to increase revenue from R&D, not the value of projected revenue increases.  RQ calculates the percentage increase in revenues associated with a 1 percent increase in R&D.  What the list reveals is that spending more on R&D does not necessarily generate higher returns. 

The proof is in the numbers:  The RQ50 index portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 by over 900% during the last 40 years. Of course, history is no guarantee of future performance, and in fact, unless companies reverse the continued erosion in RQ, returns will decline with RQ. 

rq50 stock graph.png