End the R&D Guessing Game


Know the efficiency of your R&D, the right amount to invest, and the expected profits from that investment.


“R&D ManagerTM has given us the analytics to help justify increased R&D investment. While the rest of the company has faced significant productivity cuts, we are investing $8OMM more in R&D this year and will continue to invest more. Our innovation pipeline is growing stronger.”
— Bruce Brown, CTO, P&G 2014

Transform your R&D with the leading R&D investment analytics platform



Quantify your R&D Performance

Track your R&D productivity over time and see how you stack up against your rivals.


Right-size your R&D investment

Our interactive R&D modeler allows you to see how changes in your total R&D and allocations across divisions affect profits.


Increase your returns to R&D

See which practices will leverage your R&D spending to further increase revenue, profit, and market value for your company.

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R&D Manager™ gives you powerful R&D investment analytics



  • Measure your company’s R&D productivity — the key economic construct linking R&D investment to company growth
  • Take the guesswork out of R&D, by allowing you to identify optimal R&D investment and see its impact on revenue and profits — for both the company as a whole and for each of its divisions
  • Leverage the theory developed and validated by Professor Anne Marie Knott over twenty years of research at Wharton and Washington University with the support of two NSF grants

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The Proof: R&D leaders outperform the market

  • The top 50 RQTM scoring companies have outperformed the market by 9X
  • The R&D payoff is real and growing
  • The RQTM method is statistically validated by over 40 years of US public data.

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